Idaho Freedom Foundation Supports Hatred of America

Parrish Miller has been listed on the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s website as one of its three “Idaho Freedom Index Analysts” who evaluate and score hundreds of Idaho legislative bills every year. During the 2020 Idaho regular legislative session, Parrish Miller scored more than 90 bills, including over half of the bills rated by the Idaho Freedom Foundation that originated in the Idaho House.

During the 2020 Idaho special legislative session in August, Parrish Miller scored all of the bills in the Idaho House. In short, Parrish Miller is a major player at the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

In April 2020 the editorial board of the Post Register called out the Idaho Freedom Foundation for some of Parrish Miller’s posts on Facebook. The Post Register said, “By plain appearance, this is an argument purporting to justify the premeditated murder of police officers for doing their jobs.”

Idaho Freedom Foundation President Wayne Hoffman responded by defending Parrish Miller, saying, “The Post Register has not been honest in its portrayal of Parrish’s ‘controversial’ post, in which he used neither the word ‘murder’ or ‘police.’”

Unfortunately the editorial board of the Post Register had not seen the following statements buried deep in Parrish Miller’s blog  and Twitter feed in which Parrish Miller achieved the almost impossible explicitness that Hoffman was demanding.

Parrish Miller stated, “If anyone—including an employee of a criminal gang which calls itself a government—attempts to initiate force against an innocent individual, it is perfectly justifiable for that individual . . . to use defensive force (up to and including lethal force).”

On Twitter, Parrish Miller stated “Kidnapping is still kidnapping even if it’s called ‘arrest'”.

Parrish Miller also stated, “I am not ‘proud to be an American’ . . . One day there may well be a good reason to celebrate an ‘Independence Day,’ but it won’t be July 4th. It will be whatever day mankind is finally freed from the curse of the U.S. government. I eagerly await the news of its eradication.”

Perhaps Parrish Miller’s Facebook posts were barely vague enough to be remotely defensible to those willing to completely ignore the context surrounding Parrish Miller’s Facebook posts and Parrish Miller’s explicit words on Twitter, but will Idaho Freedom Foundation President Wayne Hoffman double down on defending Miller’s claims that it is morally justifiable to use “lethal force” against a government “employee” to “resist arrest”? It’s almost impossible to use words that more clearly advocate for violence against police.

Parrish Miller has worked on the campaigns of several politicians allied with the Idaho Freedom Foundation. Campaign finance disclosure reports show that 15+ political candidates have paid Miller and his company Design by Parrish more than $25,000, including more than $5,000 from Lt. Governor Janet McGeachin’s 2018 campaign.

Additionally, as first reported in The Lewiston Tribune, McGeachin has paid Miller more than $20,000 in Idaho taxpayer funds for computer services and professional services provided to the Lt. Governor’s office.

I call on the Idaho Freedom Foundation and Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin to denounce the killing of police and to disavow America hater Parrish Miller. I am appalled that the Idaho Freedom Foundation and McGeachin have allowed an America hater and police hater to work for them. By paying Miller and his company, the Idaho Freedom Foundation and McGeachin are supporting and enabling a vicious America hater whose writings incite violence against police.

Soon after I called out Parrish Miller for inflammatory comments in his blog posts, Parrish Miller deleted those posts and claimed that he was simply expressing his love of country while “opposing” its government. Parrish Miller was not merely opposing the U.S. government but calling for its complete eradication.

It is an insidious lie that you can love your country while calling for the eradication of its government. The Pledge of Allegiance includes the phrase “and to the Republic for which it stands.” Anyone who calls for the eradication of the U.S. government is calling for the eradication of the Republic. Yet somehow Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin and the Idaho Freedom Foundation do not think it important to disavow their worker’s hatred of America.

Moreover, it is impossible to eradicate the U.S. government without also eradicating the Constitution. I swore an oath when I entered the U.S. Army to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” and I will actively defend the Constitution against Parrish Miller and any of his enablers, including the Idaho Freedom Foundation and Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin.

So that Parrish Miller cannot twist the facts or hide his comments, below are screenshots from his deleted blogs and tweets:

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